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August 18, 2023 Meeting Agenda Item 7 – Election of Commission Vice-Chair

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August 14, 2023

To: Members of the Ethics Commission

From: Gayathri Thaikkendiyil, Acting Executive Director

Subject: Agenda Item 7 – Election of Commission Vice-Chair

Summary and Action Requested

This memo provides information about the Ethics Commission’s process for electing its officers to enable the Commission to elect a Vice-Chair at its August 2023 Regular Meeting.


According to the Ethics Commission’s Bylaws, Article IV, Section 1, the Officers of the Ethics Commission are Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. Section 1 provides that the term of each office is one year, from March 1 to February 28. The Bylaws provide that no office holder shall serve for more than two consecutive one-year terms.

The Vice-Chair position was previously held by Commissioner Larry Bush whose term with the Commission ended in April 2023. The new Vice-Chair’s term will begin immediately after the election until February 29, 2024 (leap year), the end of current term.

Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair

According to the Commission’s Bylaws, the Vice-Chairperson shall perform the duties and responsibilities that may be delegated by the Chairperson, and the assignments traditionally assigned to that office. In the absence or disability of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall perform the Chairperson’s duties. 

Election Process

The Commission’s Bylaws do not provide for a specific method for the election of its Officers. The Commission has customarily employed the following procedure for the election of its Vice-Chair:

The Chair will open nominations for Vice-Chair. Any commissioner who wishes to nominate a candidate for Vice-Chair will state the name of that person. If that person agrees to run, then that person is nominated. When there are no further nominations and after public comment, the Chair will close the nominations and take a roll call vote in which each Commissioner shall state the name of the nominee for whom he or she is voting. If a nominee receives three or more votes, that person is elected Vice-Chair. If no nominee receives three votes, the Commission may have further discussion, and proceed to another vote. This process shall repeat until one nominee has received three or more votes.

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