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Meeting Summary – Summary of Matters Discussed and Actions Taken at Ethics Commission’s September 8, 2023 Regular Meeting

September 11, 2023 
Contact: Michael Canning (415) 252-3100 

Chair Yvonne Lee called the Meeting to order at 10:04am. With Commissioners Theis Finlev and Yaman Salahi participating, a quorum was present. Commissioner Argemira Flórez Feng had an excused absence.  

Under Item 2, provided the opportunity for general public comment on matters not appearing on the agenda. 

Under its Consent Calendar, provided the opportunity for public comment on all consent calendar items and voted 3-0 to adopt a motion by Commissioner Finlev and seconded by Commissioner Salahi to approve the following consent calendar item that required action by the Commission: 

Item 4, Acting Executive Director’s report dated September 1, 2023 was informational and required no action by the Commission. 

Under Item 5, heard an update and discussed the March 2024 Ethics Commission Ballot Measure focused on gifts, training, and other City ethics laws.  

Under Item 6, heard an update and discussed a legislative proposal from the Board of Supervisors prohibiting City officials from receiving compensation from departmental contractors.  

Under Item 7, heard a presentation and discussed campaign finance laws. 

Under Item 8, provided the opportunity to discuss items for future meetings.   

Under Item 9, provided additional opportunity for general public comment on matters not appearing on the agenda. 

Under Item 10, provided opportunity for public comment and adjourned the meeting at 11:11am. 

Draft Minutes for the September 8, 2023, Regular Meeting will be available upon their completion and will be included on the Agenda for the Commission’s next Regular Meeting, which will be made available on the Commission’s website at 

Meeting agendas and materials are available at 

For further information, please contact the Ethics Commission atethics.commission@sfgov.orgor (415) 252-3100. 

SFGovTV provides a continuous archive of selected Commission, council and board meetings that allows viewers to watch those meetings online in full at the viewer’s convenience. Video, audio, and closed-captioning archives of Ethics Commission meetings may be accessedhere. 

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