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Instructions for Administrative Staff and Representatives

  • If you just completed a disclosure form via DocuSign on behalf of another person, then an email was just sent to the designated signer of the document requesting signature.  Please note that the document will not be considered filed with the Ethics Commission unless the individual specified to sign the document completes the signature process.  

Instructions for Signers

  • If you just completed the form yourself or a representative completed the form on your behalf, then please check your email to complete the signature process.  If you do not sign the document then the document will not be considered filed with the Ethics Commission.
  • If you just signed the document, then please check your email to obtain a copy of the filed document. 

Public Access to Disclosure Statements

PLEASE NOTE: Disclosure statements are public documents and are made available on the Ethics Commission’s web site within minutes of receipt. To view filed disclosure documents, please visit the Disclosure section of the web site.

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