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City and County of San Francisco

Contract Approval by City Elective Officers

Each City elective officer who approves a contract that has a value of $100,000 or more in a fiscal year must file SFEC Form 126f4 with the Ethics Commission within five business days of approval. This filing requirement applies if the contract is approved by:

  • the City elective officer,
  • any board on which the City elective officer serves, or
  • the board of any state agency on which an appointee of the City elective officer serves.

Pursuant to San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code section 1.126, for a period of twelve months after the contract is approved neither the City elective officer nor any political committee that he or she controls may solicit or accept a campaign contribution from the following persons or entities: the party whose contract was approved; the party’s board of directors; the party’s principle officers, including its chairperson, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, or any similar position; any person with an ownership interest of more than 10 percent in the party; or any subcontractor listed in the bid or contract. None of these persons may make a campaign contribution to the City elective officer, a candidate for the office held by such officer, or a political committee controlled by such officer or candidate.

Access the New Electronic Notification of Contract Approval Form – SFEC Form 126f4

Who Must File

The City elective officer who approved the contract, whose board approved the contract, or who has an appointee on the board of a state agency that approved the contract, is generally responsible for filing SFEC Form 126f4.

However, the City elective officer is not required to file the form if the clerk or secretary of the board on which the officer or appointee serves has filed the form on behalf of the board.

Who is a City elective officer?

A City Elective Officer is any of the following: Mayor, member of the Board of Supervisors, City Attorney, District Attorney, Treasurer, Sheriff, Assessor, Public Defender, member of the Board of Education of the San Francisco Unified School District, or member of the Governing Board of the San Francisco Community College District.

What is a “board of a state agency” that is covered by this filing requirement?

For the purposes of this report, the board of a state agency on which an appointee of a City elective officer serves is limited to the following agencies: Health Authority, Housing Authority Commission, Industrial Development Authority Board, Parking Authority, Relocation Appeals Board, and Local Workforce Investment Board.


When to file the Notification of Contract Approval SFEC Form 126f4?

The Notification of Contract Approval SFEC Form 126f4 is required to be filed if a contract has a total anticipated or actual value of $100,000 or more, or a combination or series of such contracts, amendments or modifications approved by the same City elective officer or board has a value of $100,000 or more in a fiscal year.

How to file SFEC Form 126f4

SFEC Form 126f4 must be filed electronically through the City and County of San Francisco’s DocuSign system by starting the form using the section below. The DocuSign filing process involves two key steps – completing the form and signing the form – which may involve between one to five participants. The form allows a City staff member to initiate and complete the form electronically, optionally route it to up to three additional staff assisting with the completion of the form, and then send it to an elected officer or board secretary or clerk for his/her signature. The person completing the form may need to obtain information about the contract from multiple internal and external parties, including the elected official/clerk of the board and support staff, contracting department, and contractor.

After the form is completed, an email will automatically be sent to the signer with instructions for his/her signature. The signer can then electronically sign the form in DocuSign by following the instructions in the email. An elected officer or board secretary or clerk may complete and sign the form without the assistance of a staff member by entering his/her information in the fields below as the person completing and signing the form.

Please use the following electronic form to complete this disclosure requirement:

File SFEC Form 126f4 – Notification of Contract Approval Form

Note: This form allows up to five participants in the submission process. Only the person completing the form and the person signing the form (elected official or board secretary or clerk) are required parties. This form will be routed to each party in the order presented below.

Name and Email Address of Person Initiating SFEC Form 126f4 [Required]

A name and email address are required to verify the identity of the City staff person initiating the form. Note that this person will not be able to sign the form unless this person is also entered in the elected official or board secretary or clerk section.


Email address

Are there other individuals assisting with filling out this form?


Name and Email Address of City Elective Officer or Board Secretary or Clerk [Required]

A name and email address are required to verify the identity of the elected official or board secretary or clerk who will sign the completed form. A request for signature will route to this person after the filer and additional participants (if any) have completed work on the form.


Email address

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