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City Officer: Board of Supervisors – Filed: May 24, 2011 – Contractor: McCormack Barron Salazar Inc.

Nature of Contract

Approved and authorized the execution of a purchase and sale agreement between the Redevelopment Agency and McCormack Baron Salazar Inc., a Misour corporaiton, for property located on the east side of Arelious Walker Drive, at Gillman Avenue, adjacent ot the Alice Griffith Public Housing Site (Assessor's Block 4884, Lot 27), for the sole purpose of performing predevelopment and development work for the revitalization of the Alice Griffith Public Housing Site, a HOPE SF development program that will provide for the replacement of all Alice Grifith Public Housing units within a larger mixed income community.

Date Contract Approved



More than $50,000 (TBD via appraisal)


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