Second Quarter 2011 Summary of Earnings and Activity of Campaign Consultants Registered with the City and County of San Francisco – March 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011

Benedict Y. Hur, Chairperson
John St. Croix, Executive Director

Report prepared by:
Catherine Argumedo

Date Issued: July 20, 2011



I. Introduction

In November 1997, San Francisco voters approved the Regulation of Campaign Consultants Ordinance (“Ordinance”), San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Sections 1.500-1.540.  The Ordinance requires persons who earn $1,000 or more per year for campaign consultant services to register with the Ethics Commission and file quarterly activity reports. 

The second quarter activity reports were due on June 15, 2011 and covered the filing period beginning March 1, 2011 and ending May 31, 2011. 

II. Comparative Data

The level of campaign consultant activity has fluctuated since the first filing in June 1998 (the second quarter of 1998).  The chart on the next page compares data compiled pertaining to campaign consultant activity since implementation of the Ordinance.  As indicated, the level of campaign consultant activity generally increases or decreases depending on 1) whether an election is held and 2) the number and type of local items on the ballot.

QuarterNumber of ConsultantsTotal Payments PromisedTotal Payments ReceivedTotal Contributions Made
First Quarter 200342$368,102$331,328$3,850
Second Quarter 200351$486,555$530,434$3,250
Third Quarter 200364$618,346$749,332$2,805
Fourth Quarter 200364$1,112,506$1,367,183$10,125
First Quarter 200436$352,837$243,578$1,600
Second Quarter 200429$180,947$136,950$1,650
Third Quarter 200445$461,739$405,991$11,050
Fourth Quarter 200455$620,070$943,214$4,786
First Quarter 200517$78,578$29,762$1,750
Second Quarter 200517$87,399$93,085$250
Third Quarter 200520$160,430$102,377$950
Fourth Quarter 200523$256,254$283,731$1,150
First Quarter 20069$68,911$72,654$1,900
Second Quarter 200613$400,328$385,303$1,000
Third Quarter 200618$279,270$310,077$4,200
Fourth Quarter 200621$842,765$617,275$12,700
First Quarter 200714$115,761$135,720$1,200
Second Quarter 200716$227,514$163,333N/A
Third Quarter 200719$479,895$414,496$69,137
Fourth Quarter 200719$1,262,553$1,324,139$35,875
First Quarter 200821$622,255$830,920$92,950
Second Quarter 200827$718,486$1,011,559$3,750
Third Quarter 200840$862,640$811,954$4,843
Fourth Quarter 200841$1,985,420$3,978,592$4,830
First Quarter 200921$490,230$451,730$1,560
Second Quarter 200920$429,076$447,804$3,545
Third Quarter 200925$519,855$562,206$2,250
Fourth Quarter 200927$874,076$880,721$500
First Quarter 201026$273,847$348,578$100
Second Quarter 201030$449,666$666,692$3,900
Third Quarter 201041$593,564$635,782$3,118
Fourth Quarter 201047$1,575,846$2,766,813$1,600
First Quarter 201130$228,264$400,226$2,100
Second Quarter 201129$475,807$399,194$270

III. The Campaign Consultant Ordinance

The Ordinance defines “campaign consultant” as a person or entity that receives or is promised $1,000 or more in a calendar year for providing either of the following services:

Campaign Management,” defined as conducting, coordinating or supervising a campaign to elect, defeat, retain or recall a local candidate, or to adopt or defeat a local ballot measure, including but not limited to:

  1. Hiring or authorizing the hiring of campaign staff and consultants; or
  2. Spending or authorizing the expenditure of campaign funds; or
  3. Directing, supervising or conducting the solicitation of campaign contributions; or
  4. Selecting or recommending vendors or subvendors of goods or services for the campaign.


Campaign Strategy,” defined as planning for the election, defeat, retention or recall of a local candidate, or for the adoption or defeat of a local ballot measure, including not but limited to:

  1. Producing or authorizing the production of campaign literature and print and broadcast advertising; or
  2. Seeking endorsements of organizations or individuals; or
  3. Seeking financing; or
  4. Advising on public policy positions.

Employees of campaign consultants do not themselves qualify as campaign consultants.  However, persons and entities that subcontract with a campaign consultant to provide campaign consulting services and that receive or are promised $1,000 or more in a calendar year do qualify as campaign consultants.  Similarly, employees of campaigns who engage in campaign management or campaign strategy and who are promised or receive $1,000 or more in a calendar year also qualify as campaign consultants.

Campaign consultants are required to report only activity associated with local candidates or local ballot measures.  For purposes of the Ordinance, “candidate” means:  (1) a person who has taken affirmative action to seek nomination or election to local office, or (2) a local officeholder who has taken affirmative action to seek nomination or election to any elective office, or (3) a local officeholder who is the subject of a recall election.

Local officeholder” means the following elected officers:  Mayor, Members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, City Attorney, District Attorney, Treasurer, Sheriff, Assessor, Public Defender, Members of the Board of Education of the San Francisco Unified School District, and Members of the Governing Board of the San Francisco Community College District. 

Measure” means a local referendum, or a local ballot measure, whether or not it qualifies for the ballot.

The Commission staff has compiled the information filed by campaign consultants for the second quarter of 2011 in the attached tables.  All amounts reported by campaign consultants have been rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

IV. Description of Quarterly Report Tables

Table 1:  Total Reported Activity (March 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011)

Table 1 summarizes all reported activity by campaign consultants for the second quarter of 2011.  Filers are listed in alphabetical order.  The total payments promised by clients and any political contributions or gifts to officeholders made by the filers are also reported.

ConsultantPayments Promised By ClientsPayments Received From ClientsPolitical Contributions
Bowman, Christopher L.$0$0$0
The California Group$3,000$3,000$0
Chariot LLC$37,318$20,401$0
City Strategies/Darcy Brown$0$2,500$0
Demissie, Addisu$6,000$6,000$0
Derse, Nicole$16,000$16,000$0
Erwin & Muir$7,500$0$0
Golinger, Jon$7,542$7,542$100
Ground Floor Public Affairs$51,500$20,000$0
Hope Road Consulting, LLC$0$0$0
Hsieh & Associates$0$0$0
Hsieh, Francisco$0$0$0
Integrated Fundraising Strategies$21,948$19,110$120
JPM&M, Inc.$0$0$0
Lee, Christopher/Town Square Consulting$0$0$0
Lester Connect$0$0$0
Lyons, Nichelle$17,538$16,340$0
Panagopoulos, Nick$0$24,891$50
SCN Strategies, Inc.$0$0$0
Schlackman, Richard (RMS Associates)$38,692$35,192$0
Social Stream Consulting$10,500$10,500$0
Stearns Consulting, Inc.$162,503$95,077$0
Storefront Political Media$37,512$9,388$0
Terris Barnes & Walters$30,254$30,254$0
Joe Trippi and Associates$0$30,000$0
Whitehurst Mosher$10,000$35,000$0
Winning Directions$0$0$0
Workman, Dee Dee$0$0$0
Zeiger, Sarah 18,00018,000$0
TOTAL $475,807$399,194$270

Table 2:  Client Payment Report

Filers are required to report “economic consideration” promised by or received from clients in exchange for campaign consulting services during the applicable reporting period.  Economic consideration includes payments, fees, commissions, and reimbursements for expenses, gifts or anything else of value. 

Table 2 lists the name of the filer in alphabetical order, the filer’s clients, the services performed for that client, the payment promised by the client in the reporting period, and the payment actually received.  The table also indicates the total payments promised or received by all filers. 

The payments promised by all clients to filers during the second quarter of 2011 totaled $475,807.  The payments received by all filers from clients during the second quarter of 2011 totaled $399,194.

The California GroupMalia CohenFundraising and campaign services, including consultant advice on voter outreach$3,000$3,000
Chariot LLCTony Hall for Mayor 2011Campaign management, including providing advice and hiring vendors, press, media; treasurer$37,318$20,401
City Strategies/Darcy BrownDavid WongCommunications strategy$0$2,500
Demissie, AddisuDavid Chiu for Mayor* blank$6,000$6,000
Derse, NicoleDavid Chiu for Mayor* blank$16,000$16,000
Erwin & MuirGeorge Gascon for San Francisco DA 2011Campaign strategy and day-to-day management$7,500$0
Golinger, JonSharmin Bock for DADay-to-day campaign management$7,542$7,542
Ground Floor Public AffairsGeorge Gascon for San Francisco DA 2011Campaign management$22,500$0
Ground Floor Public AffairsHerrera for Mayor 2011Campaign management$29,000$20,000
Integrated Fundraising StrategiesDennis Herrera for Mayor 2011Fundraising consulting$21,948$19,110
Lyons, NichelleGeorge Gascon for San Francisco DA 2011Fundraising$17,538$16,340
Panagopoulos, NickJoin Joanna Rees for MayorCampaign management and strategy$0$24,891
Schlackman, RichardSan Franciscans for Pension ReformGeneral consulting and campaign strategy$38,692$35,192
Social Stream ConsultingLeland Yee for MayorNew media and social media consulting services$10,500$10,500
Stearns ConsultingStand Up for Working Families; No on BCampaign media and consulting$18,628$3,628
Stearns ConsultingLeland Yee for Mayor 2011Campaign consulting and media$112,212$74,897
Stearns ConsultingRoss Mirkarimi for Sheriff 2011Campaign consulting and media$6,612$0
Stearns ConsultingSharmin Bock for District Attorney 2011Campaign media and consulting$25,051$16,553
Storefront Political MediaPhil Ting for AssessorCampaign consulting; media production, distribution, and placement$26,277$1,691
Storefront Political MediaDavid Onek for District AttorneyCampaign consulting; media production, distribution, and placement$11,235$7,698
Terris, Barnes & WaltersBevan Dufty for MayorCampaign consutling; design and production of signs, collateral, etc.$30,254$30,254
Joe Trippi and AssociatesMichela Alioto-Pier for MayorStrategic planning$0$30,000
Whitehurst Campaigns, Inc.Herrera for Mayor 2011General campaign management consulting$10,000$20,000
Whitehurst Campaigns, Inc.Gascon for DA 2011Strategic consulting; message development; media consulting$0$15,000
Zeiger, SarahMichela Alioto-Pier for MayorFundraising$18,000$18,000
TOTAL  $475,807$399,194

Table 3:  Political Contributions

Filers must report each political contribution of $100 or more to a candidate for local office, a committee controlled by a local officeholder or a candidate for local office, or a ballot measure committee whether or not the committee is controlled by a local officeholder or a candidate for local office.  Filers must report contributions of $100 or more made or delivered by the filer, or made by the filer’s client at the filer’s behest, or for which the filer acted as an agent or intermediary during the reporting period.  This chart indicates the political contributions made by campaign consultants during the reporting period.  Filers reported a total of $270 in political contributions during the second quarter of 2011.

 Committee  Name Consultant NameAmount
 David Onek for District Attorney Shari Rubin – principal of Integrated Fundraising Strategies$100
 Dennis Herrera for Mayor 2011 Shari Rubin – principal of Integrated Fundraising Strategies$20
 Avalos for Mayor Jon Golinger$100
 Join Joanna Rees for Mayor Nick Panagopoulos$50

Vendor/Subvendor Payments

Each filer must report economic consideration promised to or received by the filer during the reporting period from vendors and sub-vendors who provide campaign-related goods or services to the filer’s current clients.  No filers reported any vendor or sub-vendor payments during this reporting period.

Gifts to Local Officeholders

Each filer must report any gifts promised or made by the filer to a local officeholder during the reporting period which in the aggregate total $50 or more.  No filers reported any gifts promised or made to a local officeholder during this reporting period.

Employment of Local Officeholders and City Employees

If the filer employs a local officeholder or City employee during the reporting period, the filer must report the name of the officeholder or City employee and describe the nature of the employment by the filer.  In addition, if a client of the filer employs a local officeholder or City employee at the behest of the filer during the reporting period, the filer must report the name of the client, the name of each officeholder or City employee hired by the client, and the nature of the employment by the client. 

Ground Floor Public Affairs reported that it employs Justin Roja, a Commissioner for the Entertainment Commission, as an Account Executive.

City Contracts Obtained During the Reporting Period

If the filer obtains a City contract during the reporting period and the contract is approved by a local officeholder who is the filer’s client, the filer must report the contract, the date the contract was obtained, and the name of the officeholder who approved the contract.  No filers reported obtaining a City contract during the reporting period.

Appointment to Public Office

If the filer is appointed to public office during the reporting period and the appointment is made by a local officeholder who is the filer’s client, the filer must report the public office to which the filer was appointed, the date of the appointment, and the name of the officeholder who appointed the filer.  No filers reported being appointed to public office by a client during the reporting period.

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