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City Officer: Board of Supervisors – Filed: March 12, 2012 – Contractor: San Francisco Public Health Foundation

Nature of Contract

We have a long-term established relationship wiht SF Public Health Foundation involvement in our public health initiatives in San Francisco and have a good working relationship. Our working relationship has been beneficial to the Department Lead agency contractor whose role will be solely to fiscally administer that funds that will be provided to sub-recipients of CTG. This agency's role is primarily for fiscal administration of the sub-recipients for the purpose of streamlining our sub-contracting policy. SFDPH remains as the prime recipient of the funds and completely responsible for ensuring that grant deliverables are met for the entire CTG award, and coordinating the work of all the sub-recipients. The fiscal intermediary agency will be monitored by SFDPH, as will all the sub-recipients to ensure they are meeting requirements and objectives.

Date Contract Approved



$2,038,395 total   Sept 30,2011 – Sept. 29, 2016


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