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City Officer: Lee, Edwin – Mayor – Filed: April 13, 2012 – Contractor: Turner Construction Company

Nature of Contract

The ordinance authorizes the waiver of certain contracting requirements for potential amendments to the contract for certain improvements to Port property at Piers 27-29, including demolition work at Piers 27-29, site grading, substructure repairs and storm water drainage improvements: public access improvements at Piers 19 and 23, to satisfy regulatory permit requirements; removal of pier 1/2 and the remnant of 64, including construction of a new Caspia Tern nesting platform, to satisfy regulatory requirements, and either conduct site improvements to Piers 30-32, including repairs to the marginal wharf, improvements to the Pier 32 deck, pile repairs and utlities or reimbursing the 34th America's Cub Event Authority for costs it incurs to conduct the work.

Date Contract Approved



To be determined under the procedures set forth in the Ordinance.


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