City Officer: Lee, Edwin – Mayor; Board of Supervisors – Filed: February 19, 2014 – Contractor: SF CARD (Community Agencies Responding to Disaster)


Nature of Contract

Through a consulting services contract, SF CARD will be hired as a contractor to engage community partners on climate change and public health. SF CARD will develop a framework to engage community partners in review of the adaptation plan and design of public education and outreach plan, with special attention to vulnerable populations, including those populations with known health disparities. SF CARD will work with community leaders and organizational liaisons, to assist them with developing and implementing an adaptation plan by organizing and facilitating working groups, capturing goals and priorities, and converting them into a program framework.

Date Contract Approved

February 14, 2014


$40,842 (Y1), $65,297 (Y2), $73,445 (Y3)


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