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City Officer: Board of Supervisors – Filed: April 18, 2014 – Contractor: Aidlin Darling Design

Nature of Contract

Architect, engineering consultants and specialty consultants will produce:

(i)              Design Development Documents (100% Completion) in sufficient detail and completeness to show and describe among other things, the size and character of the Improvements as to the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems and materials.

(ii)             Preliminary (50% Completion) Construction Documents in sufficient detail and completeness to show the Improvements and the construction thereof in compliance with the Project Requirements, and which shall generally include, without limitation, (a) site plans at appropriate scale showing the building, streets, walks, and other open spaces, with all land uses designated and all site development details and bounding streets, and points of vehicular and pedestrian access shown, (b) all building plans and elevations at appropriate scale, (c) building sections showing all typical cross sections at appropriate scale, floor plans, (e) preliminary tenant improvement plans, if applicable, (f) plans for public access areas, (g) outline specifications for materials, finishes and methods of construction, (h) exterior signage and exterior lighting plans, (i) material and color samples, and (j) roof plans showing all mechanical and other equipment. The Preliminary Construction Documents shall be in conformance with the Schematic Drawings and the Scope of Development, and shall incorporate conditions, modifications and changes specified by City or required as a condition of Regulatory Approvals.

Date Contract Approved

April 15, 2014




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