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Explore 2018 Campaign Finance Data

Candidates and committees in San Francisco are required to file fundraising and expenditure reports with the Ethics Commission. The first pre-election campaign filing deadline for the June 2018 election was on April 26, 2018, and the latest campaign committee reports are in. Use the tools provided by the Ethics Commission to explore the financial statements behind the 2018 elections:

Campaign Finance Data Visualizations

Explore interactive charts and graphs to learn about 2018 campaign finance activity. Visualizations include:

  • Candidate & ballot measure committee summary financials
  • Cash balances and debt
  • Contributor maps
  • Itemized contributions
  • Public financing disbursements
  • Third-party spending
  • Individual Expenditure Ceilings

Explore Visualizations

Laptop with Ethics Commission Dashboard Page on screen

Person using laptop viewing Form 460

Campaign Committee Statements

Review all campaign finance statements filed by committees on the Commission’s Public Portal page.

  • Search financial statements by candidate name, committee name, ballot measure, Filer ID or filing date range
  • Use the Advanced Search to quickly find contributions and expenditures across multiple statements

Review Statements

Campaign Finance Datasets

Research campaign finance data in a tabular form via SF OpenData.

  • View data in a spreadsheet format
  • Download datasets in a variety of data formats
  • Save search criteria
  • Build and save your own maps, charts and graphs
  • Integrate campaign data with other City datasets

Research Datasets

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Laptop with code on screen

Application Programming Interface

Connect your application to the Commission’s open data web services to access campaign finance data for your project.

  • Query data using the SODA API
  • Analyze campaign finance activity using third-party research tools
  • Create your own application to directly access the Commission’s datasets

Connect to APIs

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