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San Francisco Ethics Commission Final Audit Report: Progress San Francisco; FPPC #1381519

Date: March 1, 2021

For the 2018 election cycle, pursuant to its authority under San Francisco Charter Section C3-699-11(4) and San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Code (“SF C&GCC”) Section 1.150, the Ethics Commission selected campaign 11 committees to determine whether committees materially complied with applicable campaign laws. The report below for Progress San Francisco (the “Committee”) is one of the reports completed under the Commissions discretionary audit program.

Auditors concluded there were three findings with respect to the Committee:

  • A contribution to a recipient committee was not timely reported on campaign statements
  • The Committee did not disclose contributions on Late Contribution Reports (Form 497s)
  • The Committee did not report all required information for contributions made to recipient committees


2018 Final Audit Report: Progress San Francisco

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