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February 6, 2023 Notice: Annual Form 700 Filing Reminder



Subject: Action Required – Your Annual Form 700 Filing is Due by April 3, 2023

Dear Filer,

This notification is to inform you that Your Annual Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) is due no later than April 3, 2023

The Political Reform Act requires certain officials, employees, and consultants who serve in positions designated in an agency’s conflict-of-interest code to disclose financial interests as specified by their position’s disclosure category on a form called a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700).

The Form 700 provides necessary information to the public about an official’s personal financial interests to ensure that officials are making decisions in the best interest of the public and not enhancing their own personal finances. It serves as a reminder to the public official of potential conflicts of interest so the official can abstain from making or participating in governmental decisions that are deemed conflicts of interest.

Please remember that except for deadlines that fall on a Saturday, Sunday or an official state holiday, there is no provision in the law for an extension of a filing deadline. Late statements are subject to a $10 per day late fine. Furthermore, persons who fail to file their Form 700 timely may also be referred to the Ethics Commission’s Enforcement Division, which may impose a penalty of up to $5,000 per violation.

How To File

Effective January 1, 2022, all persons occupying positions designated in the City’s Conflict of Interest Code are required to file their Form 700 statements in electronic format using the Ethics Commission‘s NetFile e-filing system.


If you received this notice, your NetFile account is active. Follow the steps below to access your account: 

  • Login to NetFile: Visit the Ethics Commission’s Form 700 Filers Page.
    • Click on “E-File Form 700” to access the NetFile filer login screen.
    • Your NetFile User E-Mail Address is the address that received this notice.
    • Enter your NetFile User E-mail Address and Password.
  • Lost Your Password? If you’ve lost your NetFile password, click here to Request a New Password.
    • Your NetFile User E-mail Address is the address that received this notice. 
    • Enter your email address and click “Submit.” You’ll receive an email with instructions.
      • Check your spam/junk/unfocused folder if the message doesn’t appear in your inbox. 
    • Save your password in a safe place.
    • If the system is unable to locate your account, please click here to request assistance.
  • Start Your Filing: Your filing requirements will be listed in the “Filings to Complete” table.
    • Click the “check box” in the Create Column next to “Fppc700 Annual” and click “Start Selected Document.”
      • Multiple Filings to Complete: if you have two filing requirements (e.g., “Fppc700 Annual” and “Leaving Office”), select BOTH filings to complete at the same time. NetFile will automatically combine them into one filing. 
    • Once logged in to NetFile, you’ll find instructional videos and resources to help you get started and complete your Form 700 statement. 
    • Your Form 700 cover page is pre-filled with the information entered when your account was created. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the form and submit your statement.
    • When you start a filing, the system retains the information you’ve entered. If you’re unable to complete your filing in one sitting, log out of the system. When you are ready to resume your filing, log back in and click “Edit” next to the filing in the “Filings to Complete” table.
  • No Changes to Your Reportable Assets? The system retains the information from your last filing.
    • If there are no changes, in the upper right-hand corner click on Review Draft & E-File. This shortcut allows you to bypass the schedules that have no changes to report.

What’s reported on your Annual Form 700?

  • Determined by the requirements of your disclosure category:
    • reportable investments and interests held during the previous 12-month calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31); and
    • income (including loans, gifts, and travel payment) received during the previous 12-month calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31).
  • Avoid over-reporting! Your disclosure category and its description are available in your NetFile account. You can also refer to your department’s section of the conflict of interest code to find the disclosure category listed next to your position.


  • Find important information about filing deadlines, reporting requirements, and more on the Ethics Commission’s Form 700 Home Page.
    • Scroll down to the section labeled “Form 700 Reporting Resouces” to view a reference packet, FAQs, and other helpful documents. 
  • For questions regarding your filing status, disclosure category, etc., contact your departmental filing officer.
  • For reporting-related questions, login assistance, and technical support, connect with Ethics Commission staff through the Ethics Commission’s Form 700 Support Portal.
  • An information session for filers will be held remotely on February 15th, at 1:30pm. Check here for more information. A recording will be made available shortly after the session takes place. 

Sincerely, San Francisco Ethics Commission

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