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Campaign Consultant Reporting

What Must be Reported

Campaign consultants must disclose on their quarterly reports: client payments, campaign contributions, gifts to City officeholders, payments to or from vendors or subvendors, the names of clients who are City officeholders or employees, City contracts obtained by the consultant that are approved by an officeholder client, and appointments to public office approved by an officeholder client.

When Reports Due

Quarterly disclosure reports must subsequently be filed with the Ethics Commission according to the following schedule:

Due Date Period Covered
March 15 December 1 through February 28
June 15 March 1 through May 31
September 15 June 1 through August 31
December 15 September 1 through November 30

Disclosure Report

Adobe Reader XI or later is required to use the interactive page buttons on the form.

How to File

During to closure of the Ethics Commission’s physical office due to the Order of the Health Officer No. C19-07, the Ethics Commission will temporarily accept Campaign Consultant Registration Forms, Quarterly Reports, and Statements via the Electronic Document Transmission Cover Sheet. Click here for instructions on how to file.

Record Keeping

Campaign consultants must also retain documents to substantiate their reports for five years.


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