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John St. Croix                                                                                   April 1, 2009
(415) 252-3100


Pursuant to San Francisco’s Regulation of Campaign Consultants Ordinance, the San Francisco Ethics Commission has released its summary report of campaign consultant activity for the first quarter of 2009. 

The summary report includes information disclosed in the first quarter activity reports, which were due on March 16, 2009, and covered the filing period beginning December 1, 2008 and ending February 28, 2009.  Twenty-one campaign consultants filed with the Ethics Commission in the first quarter of 2009.

Payments to Campaign Consultants.  For the first quarter of 2009, all active campaign consultants reported receiving $451,730 in payments from their clients.  Of this amount, Left Coast Communications reported receiving the highest total payments,$144,105.

Political Contributions Made by Campaign Consultants.  Political contributions by registered campaign consultants during the first quarter totaled $1,560.  Storefront Political Media reported contributing the highest amount, $960.

The Commission reported that the level of campaign consultant activity has fluctuated since the first filing in June 1998 (the second quarter of 1998).  Commission staff compiled data pertaining to campaign consultant activity since the implementation of the Ordinance as follows:

QuarterNumber of ConsultantsTotal Payments PromisedTotal Payments ReceivedTotal Contributions Made
Second Quarter 199824$1,560,742$1,432,631$4,100
Third Quarter 199825$341,745$379,859$3,405
Fourth Quarter 199830$638,498$784,507$1,975
First Quarter 199922$71,969$142,355$550
Second Quarter 199928$201,983$485,071$1,500
Third Quarter 199934$395,440$1,168,597$4,150
Fourth Quarter 199938$1,343,362$2,489,276$3,800
First Quarter 200017$904,891$1,293,901$2,750
Second Quarter 200017$169,599$186,663$1,275
Third Quarter 200020$293,110$467,379$18,900
Fourth Quarter 200025$2,437,695$2,332,401$26,348
First Quarter 200117$216,952$236,785$800
Second Quarter 200115$6,500$6,500$100
Third Quarter 200118$137,751$58,560$5,550
Fourth Quarter 200123$640,589$690,272$12,825
First Quarter 200222$242,752$259,357$1,100
Second Quarter 200223$121,413$311,663$2,100
Third Quarter 200240$320, 373$345,325$2,200
Fourth Quarter 200250$3,002,128$3,243,997$8,003
First Quarter 200342$368,102$331,328$3,850
Second Quarter 200351$486,555$530,434$3,250
Third Quarter 200364$618,346$749,332$2,805
Fourth Quarter 200364$1,112,506$1,367,183$10,125
First Quarter 200436$352,837$243,578$1,600
Second Quarter 200429$180,947$136,950$1,650
Third Quarter 200445$461,739$405,991$11,050
Fourth Quarter 200455$620,070$943,214$5,295
First Quarter 200517$78,578$29,762$1,750
Second Quarter 200517$87,399$93,085$250
Third Quarter 200520$160,430$102,377$950
Fourth Quarter 200523$256,254$283,731$1,150
First Quarter 20069$68,911$72,654$1,900
Second Quarter 200613$400,328$385,303$1,000
Third Quarter 200618$279,270$310,077$4,200
Fourth Quarter 200621$842,765$617,275$12,700
First Quarter 200714$115,761$135,720$1,200
Second Quarter 200716$227,514$163,333$41,000
Third Quarter 200719$479,895$414,496$69,137
Fourth Quarter 200719$1,262,553$1,324,139$35,875
First Quarter 200821$ 622,255$830,920$92,950
Second Quarter 200827$718,486$1,011,559$3,750
Third Quarter 200840$862,640$811,954$4,843
Fourth Quarter 200841$1,985,420$3,978,592$4,830
First Quarter 200921$490,230$451,730$1,560

The Regulation of Campaign Consultants Ordinance (“Ordinance”), San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code, Article I, Chapter 5, Sections 1.500 – 1.540, was approved by San Francisco voters in November 1997.  The Ordinance requires persons who earn $1,000 or more per year for campaign consultant services to register with the Ethics Commission and file quarterly activity reports.

The reports include the following information: payments promised by or received from clients of campaign consultants, political contributions made by campaign consultants to local candidates and local ballot measure committees, gifts made by campaign consultants to local candidates, payments promised by or received from vendors or sub-vendors, employment by campaign consultants of local officeholders and City employees, City contracts obtained by campaign consultants during a reporting period and appointment of campaign consultants to public office.

The registration and quarterly activity reports filed by campaign consultants are available for viewing at the Ethics Commission office, 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94102.  The telephone number is (415) 252-3100.  The Campaign Consultant Summary Report is also available at the Commission office and will be available on the Internet by accessing the Commission’s web site:

The Ethics Commission was established through voter approval of a Charter Amendment in November 1993.  The Commission serves the public, City employees and officials, and candidates for public office through education and enforcement of ethics laws.  It also provides open access to public records in ethics-related matters.  Its duties include: filing and auditing of campaign finance disclosure statements, campaign consultant and lobbyist registration and regulation, administration of the limited public finance and Whistleblower programs, conflict of interest reporting, investigations and enforcement, education and training, providing advice and conducting statistical reporting.    

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