Campaign Finance – Expenditure Ceilings – November 4, 2008 Election

Voluntary Expenditure Ceilings (VECs)

Amount of Ceilings

City elective officeVEC
Assessor, Public Defender, City Attorney, District Attorney, Treasurer and Sheriff$229,000
Board of Supervisors$140,000
Board of Education and Community College District$98,000

Ceilings in the November 4, 2008 Election

VECs LiftedVECs Still in Place
District 1District 5
District 3District 9
District 4Board of Education
District 7Community College Board
District 11

Individual Expenditure Ceilings (IECs)

Only candidates who are bound by an IEC (all publicly financed candidates) are listed below. IECs begin at $140,000 and may be raised in increments of $10,000.

DistrictPublicly Financed Candidate’s NameIEC
1Eric Mar$250,000
1Alicia Wang$250,000
1Sue Lee$210,000
3Tony Gantner$360,000
3Lynn Jefferson$360,000
3David Chiu$360,000
4Ron Dudum$230,000
5Ross Mirkarimi$140,000
5Owen O’Donnell$140,000
9Mark Sanchez$140,000
9Eric Quezada$140,000
9David Campos$140,000
9Eva Royale$140,000
9Thomas Valtin$140,000
11John Avalos$190,000
11Ahsha Safai$190,000
11Julio Ramos$190,000
11Eli Horn$190,000
11Randall Knox$190,000

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