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Campaign Finance – Public Funds Disbursements – November 2, 2010 Election

Last Updated 4/6/11

The table below lists candidates who have been certified as eligible to receive public funds and the total disbursements to date.

DistrictCandidateDate of Submission (Initial Application for Public funds)Date of Certification Funds Disbursed (To-Date)
2Anderson, Kat05/10/201005/19/2010$53,925
2Simmons, Abraham03/23/201004/14/2010$56,056
Total Funds Disbursed – District 2$109,981
6Keys, James   08/24/20109/03/2010$40,025
6Kim, Jane02/02/201002/19/2010$90,817
6Meko, Jim 06/16/2010   06/24/2010   $44,164
6   Sparks, Theresa07/14/201007/20/2010$85,904
6Walker, Debra02/25/201003/22/2010$76,761
6Zamora, Elaine02/02/201002/19/2010$50,999
Total Funds Disbursed – District 6$388,670
8Hemenger, Bill07/31/201008/19/2010$51,749
8Mandelman, Rafael05/14/201006/02/2010$104,764
8Prozan, Rebecca   08/03/201008/11/2010$121,406
8Wiener, Scott07/06/201007/21/2010


Total Funds Disbursed – District 8
10Cohen, Malia02/02/201002/11/2010$79,666
10Duque, Teresa08/24/20109/8/2010$56,790
10Enea, Kristine05/11/201005/21/2010$48,590
10Jackson, Chris06/17/201007/01/2010$53,745
10Kelly, Tony05/17/201006/04/2010$60,452
10Lacy, DeWitt03/19/201004/19/2010$42,682
10Moss, Steven02/03/201003/01/2010$67,096
10   Smith, Eric   08/10/201008/16/2010$48,656
10Sweet, Lynette   07/22/201008/16/2010$57,439
10Tran, Marlene08/17/201009/08/2010$45,456
Total Funds Disbursed – District 10$560,571
Grand Total Funds Disbursed$1,477,713

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