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Interested Persons Meeting to Discuss Possible Changes to the Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance – April 21, 2011 – Update

Staff of the Ethics Commission is considering the following amendments to the Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance, San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code section 1.100 et seq.  We welcome your comments at the interested persons’ meeting scheduled for

Thursday, April 21, 2011, 1 PM
Room 421 City Hall

  • An amendment to section 1.114 to adjust the per person contribution limit to candidates, which is currently $500.
  • Amendments to require disclosure of certain information related to elections for the Board of Supervisors and Mayor on each Wednesday more than 21 days before the date of the election; on each Monday and Wednesday within 21 days of the election; and on the last Thursday, Friday and Monday preceding the date of the election.  This would replace the 24 hour reporting requirements under existing law.
  • Amendments to exclude from consideration of the individual expenditure ceiling and voluntary expenditure ceiling amounts candidates incurred to pay for compliance costs.

Staff anticipates that it will have draft legislation ready for the Ethics Commission’s meeting on Monday, May 9, 2011.  If you are unable to attend the interested persons’ meeting, please make your comments in writing and send to them to the Commission at, or 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Please R.S.V.P by contacting:
San Francisco Ethics Commission
25 Van Ness Ave., Suite 220
(415) 252-3100

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