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Board of Education Dashboard – November 6, 2012 Election

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Board of Education Qualified Candidates

  • Sandra Lee Fewer
  • Kim Garcia-Meza
  • Matt Haney
  • Joseph Kelly, Jr.
  • Victoria Lo
  • Rachel Norton (Incumbent)
  • Beverly Ho-A-Yun Popek
  • Paul Robertson
  • Sam Rodriguez
  • Gladys Soto
  • Shamann Walton
  • Jill Wynns (Incumbent)

About the Campaign Finance Data

Candidates running for local office are required to file financial statements for committees controlled by the candidate with the Ethics Commission. A committee must file electronic copies of statements and reports if it receives contributions or makes expenditures that total $5,000 or more in a calendar year. Those statements are stored in a database and are available for public review on the Commission’s campaign finance database.

The graphs on the following tabs are automatically tabulated based on electronic financial statements submitted by each committee. Financial activity filed on paper statements are not available from this site.

The complete datasets of all committees that have filed electronic statements with the Ethics Commission is available from for review, download, and API access.

Total Contributions

The following graph shows the total contributions raised by each candidate controlled committee for Board of Education. Total Contributions is the sum of Summary Page, Line 5 – Total Contributions Received, Column A (Total from This Period) from each committee’s campaign disclosure statements (Form 460). Total contributions includes monetary contributions, loans, and non-monetary contributions.

Map of Contributors to Board of Education Candidate Committees Grouped by Zip Code

Contributors to committees controlled by candidates for Board of Education are grouped together by zip code and plotted on the map below. Click a circle on the map to browse the contributors from that zip code.

Total Expenditures

The following graph shows the total expenditures by each candidate controlled committee for Board of Education. Total Expenditures is the sum of Summary Page, Line 1 – Total Expenditures Made, Column A (Total from This Period) from each committee’s campaign disclosure statements (Form 460).

Cash Balance

The graph below indicates the ending cash balance for the committee at the end of each financial statement period. The cash balance is derived from Summary Page, Line 16 – Ending Cash Balance from each committee’s campaign disclosure statements (Form 460).

Move your mouse over each line to reveal the committee name.

Third-Party Spending to Support or Oppose Candidates for Board of Education

Voluntary Expenditure Ceiling

Status of Voluntary Expenditure Ceiling (VECs) in Board of Education November 6, 2012 Election

Under S.F. Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code 1.128, a candidate who wishes to accept the voluntary expenditure ceiling must file Form SFEC-128 no later than the August 10, 2012 deadline for filing nomination papers.

In a race where at least one candidate has accepted the VEC, all candidates running for office in the same race must file Form SFEC 134(b) within 24 hours of receiving contributions, making expenditures, or having funds that exceed 100 percent of the applicable VEC.

In addition, any person other than a candidate committee who makes or incurs expenditures for the purpose of distributing independent expenditures, electioneering communications, or member communications that clearly identify any candidate that equals or exceeds $5,000 per candidate, must within 24 hours of each time it reaches the $5,000 threshold file a Third Party Disclosure Form.

List of Candidates Running for Board of Education in November 2012 who have Accepted the Voluntary Expenditure Ceiling

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