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City Officer: Lee, Edwin – Mayor – Filed: April 10, 2013 – Contractor: Broadway Sansome Associates, L.P., a California Limited Partnership (“Borrower”)

Nature of Contract

This is an amended and restated Loan Agreement for financing approved for the development of 74 units of family housing plus one manager's unit, ground floor commercial and ancillary residential spaces on a City owned parcel at 235 Broadway between Sansome and Battery Streets for the project known as Broadway Family Apartments.

In October 2008 the City approved a loan in the amount of $800,000 to Chinatown Community Development Center for predevelopment expenses. In May 2012 the City approved a loan to Borrower for additional predevelopment and gap construction financing in the amount of $4,983,800. This agreement supercedes and replaces the previous agreements.

Date Contract Approved

April 10, 2013


$5,783,800 – Amendment only


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