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How to Complete an Electronic Statement and Obtain Electronic Signatures From All Signers Using the Free App for Android Phones and Tablets


The committee officer with control of the committee account should complete the following steps to create a statement and obtain the electronic signatures of all signers on the statement.

  1. To sign electronic statements using the free electronic filing system, login to your Netfile user account and, if you have access to more than one committee, click the appropriate committee name. 
  2. If this is a new account, go to the “Officer Information” tab in the “Committee Set-Up Wizard.”  If you have used the system before, click the “Statements” menu and choose “Officer Information.”  Click your name in the “All Officers” table.  If you are not listed as an officer, click to “Add a New Officer”;
  3. Under “Signer Information,” enter your Signer ID number in the box.  Click to “Save Changes”;
  4. Add any additional required signers to the “All Officers” table, such as a controlling candidate, principal officer, or assistant treasurer and enter each individual’s Signer ID;
  5. Proceed with entering the committee’s transactions into the electronic filing system;
  6. When creating a new draft statement, click the name of each signer in one of the four signer boxes;
  7. Create the draft statement and review the document by clicking the “View” button from the home page;
  8. Click “E-file” to submit the statement;
  9. Enter a valid e-mail address to receive an e-mail confirmation of submission and click “Submit E-Filing to Agency.”  Your filing will be moved into a pending queue, awaiting the confirmation of all signers.  If the committee officer who submitted the statement is also a signer, that committee officer must also sign the statement;
  10. An e-mail will be sent to all signers notifying them that a statement is awaiting their review and signature.  Instruct any additional signers to check their e-mail and follow the instructions in the e-mail to sign the document.  Statements that are not signed by all signers within 30 days will be removed from the pending statements queue.  The system will e-mail daily reminders to each signer as a reminder to review the statement;

Each signer should take the following steps:

Set up your Android phone for your Signer ID

  1. Tap the icon below to download and install the "Netfile Signature Verification" app from the Google Play store.  The app is a free download.


  2. Your phone or tablet will need a PDF viewer to view statements.  Download and install a PDF viewer if your phone does not have one preinstalled. Tap the icon below to download Adobe Acrobat Viewer.  The app is a free download.


  3. Tap the "Netfile Signature" icon on your phone or tablet to open the app.


  4. The app will open and ask you to use the "Configure" menu to set your signature credentials.  Press the menu button on your phone.


  5.  Tap the "Configure" menu option.


  6.  Enter your Signer ID number and Signer PIN number.  Your Signer ID number is printed in the top-right corner of your Signature Verification Card.  Your Signer PIN number was provided to you when you requested a Signature Verification Card from the Ethics Commission.  If you do not remember your Signer PIN number, log into your Netfile User Account and follow the steps to reset your Signer PIN number.


  7.  After you enter your Signer ID and Signer PIN, tap the "Save" button.


Sign statements with your Android phone or tablet

  1.  The app will attempt to connect with the electronic filing system.  Make sure your phone or tablet has an active data connection.


  2.  The app will present a list of statements awaiting your signature.  Tap the magnifying glass to view the statement.  


  3.  Open the statement in a PDF viewer.  If you see this message on your phone or tablet then you did not install a PDF viewer.  


  4. All statements in the list awaiting your signature are set to take no action by default and show a blue question mark.  To approve or reject a statement, tap the blue question mark next to a filing.  Tap the blue question mark once to change the icon to a green thumbs up icon to approve the statement.  Tap the green thumbs up icon again to change the icon to a red thumbs down icon to reject the statement.  Tap the red thumbs down icon to reset the response to a question mark and take no action.  Tap the submit button to submit your responses.  You may submit multiple responses at a time.  



    In the example below, the signer has indicated that "Document 1" should be approved and that no action should be taken on Documents 2 through 7.


  5.  Confirm that you intend to sign the statements.


  6.  Wait while the app contacts the electronic filing system to submit your signature.  


  7.  When you see the following message, you have successfully signed the statement.


  8. The app will save your Signer ID and Signer PIN on your phone or tablet.  You will not need to re-enter that information again the next time you need to sign a statement.  If you want to remove your Signer ID and Signer PIN from your phone or tablet, press the menu button and choose "Configure".  Delete the Signer ID and Signer PIN and press the "Save" button.

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