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Expenditure Ceilings – November 3, 2015 Election

Status of Voluntary Expenditure Ceilings (VECs) in November 3, 2015 Election

Under S.F. Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code 1.128, a candidate who wishes to accept the voluntary expenditure ceiling must file Form SFEC-128 no later than the August 7, 2015 deadline for filing nomination papers.

In a race where at least one candidate has accepted the VEC, all candidates running for office in the same race must file Form SFEC 134(b) within 24 hours of receiving contributions, making expenditures, or having funds that exceed 100 percent of the applicable VEC.

In addition, any person other than a candidate committee who makes or incurs expenditures for the purpose of distributing independent expenditures, electioneering communications, or member communications that clearly identify any candidate that equals or exceeds $1,000 per candidate, must file a report with the Ethics Commission within 24 hours of each time it reaches the $1,000 threshold.

List of Candidates Running for Office in November 2015 who have Accepted the Voluntary Expenditure Ceiling

No candidates have accepted the voluntary expenditure ceiling.

Individual Expenditure Ceilings (IECs) 

In the November 3, 2015 election, only candidates for the Board of Supervisors or Mayor who have been certified as eligible to receive public funds are bound by an Individual Expenditure Ceiling (IEC). Each publicly financed Supervisorial candidate’s IEC begins at $250,000 and may be raised in increments of $10,000. Each publicly financed Mayoral candidate’s IEC begins at $1,475,000 and may be raised in increments of $100,000.

The last day to submit an application for public funds falls on August 25, 2015. To be eligible to submit an application for public funds, candidates for the Board of Supervisors or Mayor must file Form SFEC-142a by June 9, 2015, indicating an intent to apply for public funds.

For historic research on prior IEC levels, please refer to this combined dataset of IECs across elections and filter by the specific election.

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