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How to use Campaign Finance Dashboards

(This page uses animated gifs. Please be patient while they load.) The San Francisco Ethics Commission provides a dashboard view of campaign finance data.

General Interaction

On each dashboard there is an area that displays charts & data and an area showing the legends and filters available.

There are several different views into the data which you can switch between using the tab selector at the top.

Many charts have additional information in tooltips which appear by hovering the mouse pointer over chart elements.

Using the filters you can limit the view of the data to specific levels of interest. Here, we limit the data to committees in the race for Board of Supervisors District 2, and then clear the filter.

The filters change the data behind every view on the page.

Some tables have a hierarchy built in, which you can use to “roll-up” the data to that level. On a table, hover over the column headings with the mouse and click on the +/- icon that appears. In the following animation, we “roll-up” committee financials to the entire contest level, and then expand out to individual committees.

On certain chart elements (generally ones that represent individual transactions), clicking the element will show a link to a pdf of that filing. Itemized transactions may include a link to a Google search for the contributor’s name.

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