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September 7 2021 Notice: Action Requested | September 15 Deadline to Confirm your Department’s Code-Designated Form 700 Filers for Transition to E-Filing


Dear Colleagues:

cc: Departmental Filing Officers

Subject:  COMPLETED – PRT – Designated Filer Position Worksheet

I am writing today to let you know that the Ethics Commission has not yet received a submission from your department confirming your department’s Conflict of Interest Code (“COI”) designated Form 700 filers.

As detailed in prior notices from our office this summer, this information is necessary to successfully implement the transition across City departments of all COI-designated filers to electronic filing of their Form 700 filings effective January 1, 2022. At that time, the current paper-based Form 700 filing process used for COI-designated filers will be eliminated, making it easier for filers to submit their filings online, increase filing efficiency for departments, and also improve public access to filers’ reportable information.

The upcoming September 15 deadline is essential to enable the transition of all COI-designated filers into the Ethics Commission’s online filing system and match it with information in the City’s People & Pay system. Please note that Departments that do not provide their confirmed list of COI-designated filers by the September 15 deadline will need to allocate staff time to manually enter that information directly into the Commission’s online filing system later this fall.

Reminder of Action Needed

Our August 6 email detailed the steps needed to review a provided Designated Filer Position Worksheet for your department, and included a Filing Officer Guide for completing that worksheet.

Please work with your Filing Officer to take the following actions by September 15:

  1. Confirm the names of the positions designated to file as they appear in the Code.
  2. Confirm the names of the individuals who occupy those positions and are therefore required to file a Form 700 under the law.
  3. Return your completed Form 700 filing worksheet to

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to be in touch directly. In addition, requests for assistance with the steps outlined above can be routed to our Form 700 E-filing team through our support portal.

With thanks from all of us at the Ethics Commission for your leadership in ensuring an effective citywide transition to Form 700 e-filing,

LeeAnn Pelham
Executive Director
San Francisco Ethics Commission
415-252-3100 |

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