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Datasets – Statement of Economic Interests

The following Statement of Economic Interests datasets are available from SF OpenData. The data contains the contents of the Statement of Economic Interests forms filed by elected officials, members of boards and commissions, and department heads. These datasets can be filtered, embedded into your own web site, built into charts, or exported into a variety of formats. Each dataset at SF OpenData is updated nightly.


Online Form 700 datasets and statements posted online redact some fields to address filers’ privacy concern, however un-redacted Form 700 datasets and statements are available from the Ethics Commission upon request.

Filing Officer Report

Per San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 3.1-104: On or before April 10th of each year, every filing officer shall submit a written report to the Ethics Commission setting forth the names of those persons who are required to file a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests with that filing officer under this Chapter but have failed to do so, or a report stating that all such persons have filed. The Ethics Commission shall maintain on its website, a database of the names, departments, and positions of persons who are required to file any statement required by Sections 3.1-101, 3.1-102, and 3.1-103 of the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code (Form 700 Statements of Economic Interests, Sunshine Ordinance Declarations, and Certificates of Ethics Training) but have failed to file on a timely basis. The list shall be updated no later than ten days after the submittal of a statement. On or before April 10th of each year, the Ethics Commission shall notify each Commission Secretary, or any City staff who fulfills that role for each City board or commission, of the location of the current version of this list.

This dataset contains the names of designated employees who have not filed an assuming office, annual, or leaving office FPPC Form 700. This dataset does not include elected officials, commissioners, and department heads.

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