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Checklist for Elected Officials, Department Heads, & Members of Decision-Making Boards and Commissions

This checklist is meant to help you keep track of the various deadlines related to the Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) filings. It also provides links for pertinent trainings and SEI-related forms. 

Assuming Office
Timeline or DeadlinesFormsForms & Information
Within 30 Days of
Assuming Office
Within 30 Days of
Assuming Office
Sunshine Ordinance Declaration
Within 1 Year of Assuming OfficeCertificate of Ethics Training
Annual & Periodically
Timeline or DeadlinesFormsForms & Information
By April 2, 2013SEI
  • File your originally-signed SEI.
By April 1, 2013Sunshine Ordinance Declaration
Within 2 Years of Last Meeting the Training RequirementCertificate of Ethics Training
Leaving Office
Timeline or DeadlinesFormsForms & Information
Within 30 Days of Leaving OfficeSEI
  • File your originally-signed SEI.

Filing Obligations

As a designated filer, the department head or an appointed staff person will notify you of your SEI filing requirements.  If you are not notified, you are still responsible for making sure that you file all of your SEI-related filings with the Ethics Commission on time.   The Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and the Certificate of Ethics Training do not require original signatures, but the SEI filing must have an original signature.  We recommend that you provide your filings to your department staff person one to two weeks in advance so that there is sufficient time to get your filings to the Ethics Commission by the deadlines.  If you choose to send your forms directly to the Ethics Commission, please send a duplicate copy of your SEI-related filings to your department staff person.  The Ethics Commission is located at 25 Van Ness, Room 220, San Francisco, CA., 94102.

Verifying If You Must File

Find out if your position is listed in the Code as having to file financial disclosure statements by viewing  San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 3.1-103.  You may review the informational sheet, “How to Look Up a Designated Filer Position.”   

If you are a member of an advisory board or commission or designated employee and are not listed in Code Section 3.1-103, do not use this checklist; instead, use the Checklist for Advisory Board and Committee Members and Designated Employees.

Filing with Two Different Agencies

If you are listed in the Code as having to file with the Ethics Commission and another agency, you must file separate originally-signed SEI forms.  For example, if you serve as a commissioner and are also a designated employee, you would fill out the SEI form, make a copy and sign both forms.  One originally-signed SEI filing would go to the Ethics Commission and the other originally-signed SEI filing would go to your department.

Department Heads:  Additional Filing Obligations

In addition to the filing obligations listed below, a department head also has filing officer duties. To review the filing officer duties, please read the SEI Filing Officer Duties Memo.

Looking Up Past Filings

You may look up your past filings on the Ethics Commission website.

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