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Checklist for Elected Officials, Department Heads, & Members of Decision-Making Boards and Commissions

This checklist is meant to help you keep track of the various deadlines related to the Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) filings. It also provides links for pertinent trainings and SEI-related forms.  Assuming Office Timeline or Deadlines Forms Forms & Information Within 30 Days of Assuming Office SEI Review the SEI Sample Sheet. File your […]

New Electronic Filing Requirement for Form 465

This notice is to remind you of the electronic filing requirements under San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Code section 1.112(b).  Committees that meet the requirements of section 1.112(b) are now required to file electronically the Fair Political Practices Commission Form 465 for all reports due to be filed on or after July 1, 2009.  Committees […]

Due Diligence Efforts by Committees Upon Receiving a Contribution for Compliance with Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code (C&GC Code) Sections 1.114, 1.126 and 1.127

Candidates and treasurers for local candidate committees are responsible for complying with campaign finance laws, and may be held jointly and severally liable for violations of those laws.  See C&GC Code § 1.170(g), (h).  Additionally, under Fair Political Practices Commission Regulation 18427, each candidate and committee treasurer must “verify that to the best of his […]