Ethics Commission
City and County of San Francisco

Submit paper filings to the Ethics Commission during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the closure of the Ethics Commission’s physical office due to the Order of the Health Officer No. C19-07, the Ethics Commission will accept certain paper forms via the electronic cover sheet process described below that do not have an existing electronic submission process available at  Forms submitted using this process per these guidelines will be processed and considered filed as of the date stamp on the electronic submission.

Please note:

    • Forms submitted using this process that are illegible or have an existing electronic submission process will be rejected.
    • Do not use this process to transmit documents or other records for the purposes of an audit or complaint.


Complete the Following Steps to Submit Paper Forms


Step 2

Complete and Sign the Form

Complete SFEC Form 112a, SFEC Form 142a, Acknowledgment of Mandatory Campaign Audit, FPPC Form 470, and FPPC Form 501 using a PDF application or by printing the form. You may sign the form electronically using the cover sheet described in step 4 in lieu of completing the verification requirements on the form.

The Ethics Commission will not enforce notarization requirements during the office closure.

For FPPC Form 410 and all campaign consultant forms, you must print and complete the form with a wet signature on paper.


Step 3

Scan or Photograph the Form

If you completed the form on paper then scan or photograph the document. Save the scanned document or photo in a supported format to the same device that you will use to complete the cover sheet in step 4.


Step 4

Attach the Form to an Electronic Cover Sheet
Complete the following fields and click “Create Cover Sheet” to start a new cover sheet. This will start a new cover sheet in DocuSign. Use the cover sheet form to upload and attach the scanned document or photo and submit it to the Ethics Commission. You may use the cover sheet to electronically sign forms where permitted. Please note: You may only submit one form per cover sheet. If you attach multiple forms to a cover sheet then the submission will be rejected.

Name of Filer

Email address


Step 5

Mail or Deliver the Form

Hard copies with original wet signatures or notarization requirements must be delivered or postmarked and mailed to the Ethics Commission within 15 days of the Ethics Commission posting notice that the physical office has re-opened on

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