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How to File the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700)

Advisory board and committee members and designated employees who file Form 700 with their department or commission:

Paper File

You must submit a paper copy of Form 700 to satisfy the filing requirement. Please use the Form 700 in PDF format from the Fair Political Practices Commission and submit a paper copy of the form with an original signature to your department or commission’s filing officer.

Elected officials, department heads, and members of decision-making boards and commission who file Form 700 with the Ethics Commission:


Individuals who file Form 700 with the Ethics Commission such as department heads, members of boards and commissions, and section 87200 filers, must file Form 700 electronically. Form 700 must be completed using the Ethics Commission’s electronic filing system. No other electronic formats will be accepted. Filers who complete an electronic Form 700 do not need to file a paper copy with the Ethics Commission.

What are the advantages of filing an electronic Form 700?

  • You will be complying with the law.
  • The system retains your entries so that you do not need to re-enter all of your information again the next time you file.
  • You can obtain a copy of your previous filings by logging into your account at any time.
  • The system provides on-screen help and video tutorials to assist you with completing the form.

What are the system requirements?

  • Modern web browser such as Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.
  • PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How do I establish an account to file Form 700?

To electronically file, complete the following steps:

  1. You must provide a personal email address to the Ethics Commission to establish your account by doing one of the following:
    1. Department Heads:
      1. Send your email address that you want to use to login to the system to While the email address may be either a private or City email address, you must send the email address to the Ethics Commission via your City email address.
        (Please Note: If you are an elected official and file campaign finance statements with the Ethics Commission, then you may have already established an electronic filing account when you completed your Signature Verification Card to sign electronic campaign finance statements. You may want to use the same e-mail address for both Form 700 and campaign finance statements so that you only need one password to file statements with the Ethics Commission. However, if you consolidate the account, you must use a private e-mail address as your login because you are not permitted to use a City e-mail address for campaign purposes.)
    2. Board or Commission members (The Ethics Commission will not accept email addresses provided directly from board or commission members. Email addresses must be submitted via one of the following two methods):
      1. The department head or secretary of the board or commission must gather all of the email addresses and provide them on the Certification of Email Addresses form to the Ethics Commission no later than December 2, 2013.
      2. After December 2, 2013, the department head or secretary of the board or commission should provide the email address when filing the
        Notice of Appointment and Resignation form with the Ethics Commission within 15 days of the officer’s assuming or leaving office.
  2. Upon receipt of the email address, the Ethics Commission will establish an account in the electronic filing system. Please allow three business days for the account to be created.
  3. Proceed to the login page.
  4. If you are an elected official with a consolidated campaign finance and Form 700 account, proceed with entering your login credentials.  If you are a new filer filing Form 700 only, under the heading “SEI Form 700 Filers,” click “New User? Request a Password.”
  5. Enter the email address that you provided to the Ethics Commission into the form and click “Submit”.
  6. Check your email account to obtain your password.
  7. Go back to the login page and enter your email address and password into the form and click “Login.”
  8. If you are an elected official with a consolidated campaign finance and Form 700 account, click the account with your name and “Statement of Economic Interests” under the “Account Type” column. All other filers will be taken directly to their Form 700 account.

How do I use the electronic filing system?

The electronic filing system provides video and written documentation detailing how to use every page in the system. After you login to your account, use the menu options on the right side of the screen to watch the videos and access the documentation. If the instructions do not answer your questions, please contact the Ethics Commission for assistance by email at or by phone at 415-252-3100.

How do I amend a previously filed Form 700 statement?

If you filed the statement electronically, login to your account and under the “Filing History” section, click “Amend” next to the statement that you want to amend. If you want to amend a statement filed on paper prior to using the electronic filing system, submit a paper copy of the amendment instead of an electronic amendment.

I am an elected official or a candidate for a City office with a consolidated campaign finance and Form 700 account.  When I log in, I’m prompted to sign campaign statements instead of filing Form 700.  Why is this happening?

If you have unsigned campaign finance statements produced by your committee treasurer that are awaiting your approval, the system will prompt you to take action on these statements before taking you to your Form 700 account.  If you do not want to take action on the campaign finance statements awaiting your approval, click “Netfile User Home” at the top of the page and then “Your Accounts” to access your Form 700 account.

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